Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lovely nepalese style curry

The veggie made this for me recently. A lovely, lemony dhal with garlic and onions, the lightest potato cakes I have ever had and a nice bit of basmati rice. She also made a spicy mixed bean curry not shown. She is still being cagey about the potato cake recipe but it was very easy to do, I'll get it out of her! :)
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Abokado: City Road, London.

My new favourite place to grab lunch when I don't bring it from home is Abokado. Think Itsu but cheaper and less fussy. They offer a selection of freshly-made sushi wraps and sets as well as hot noodle dishes. Wraps are great value at less than £2.00 and the sets (which include my pick of salmon sashimi and cover veggie, beef and chicken too) average at £4. Noodle dishes are also reasonably priced.

The best thing about this place is the quality of the ingredients and consequently the taste - you will never go back to supermarket sushi again! Plus you get a free dressing with each sushi set.

I don't know of any other branches myself (this one is a few minutes from old street tube) but If they don't exist yet they soon will. After all, It's gone from being practically empty at lunch when it first opened to having queues almost out the door. Just be careful if you eat in as you have to pay extra (hate that).

e-bar review is up!


My e-bar review is now up at!

In other news: I was made a lovely meal last night. Veggie cottage pie (with quorn mince), with mustard mash, a cheesy topping and mini corn on the cob (I will see if I can get the recipe from her!). Bless my gf she's quite excited that I can eat normal food again and has thought 'sod it' to low-fat dishes... I had a small portion, but it was delish!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rejig of GSIL and latest review on DineOnline


As you can see I've had a bit of fun rejigging the blog!  I hope you like it, please let me have your comments. 

I'm shifting back to writing reviews and posting them here, and moving away from the diet blog (as I have now lost 3 stone and feel able to eat a bit of normal food again!).

My latest review of 'Imli': Indian restaurant in Soho, is up on DineOnline now:

click here 

I'm currently writing a review of 'The e-bar' in Little Venice and that will hopefully be up soon too.  

I also have tons of catching up to do here, so will do my best to get more reviews up soon.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Tortilla' Review on DineOnline


Please check out my review of 'Tortilla' at (scroll down)

Hope you like it!

More to come.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick update!


I know I have been rubbish at updating this... life has kept getting in the way I'm afraid!  Just time for a quick update.

The diet is still going well, I have now cracked the 12 stone mark and my "12 stone bones" are starting to show (collarbone!). It's hard and getting harder but I am managing to stick to it about 80% of the time. Need to up that to at least 90% if I want to lose 3-4 pounds a week, at the moment I am losing about 2 pounds a week.

Have continued to hit the gym quite hard, three times this week. My stamina is definitely improving and I can easily (well almost easily!) do half an hour on the crosstrainer now.

Also people have been commenting on the weight I have lost which is always nice :) My boss said I have lost "sh*t loads of weight" and congratulated me. A friend I hadn't seen for a while said it was very noticeable that I had lost. Apparently my face looks longer too!  weird!

Anyway, that's it for now!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Do me a flavour! The new Walkers crisps tested!

The scene: A quiet boardroom, not far from here. On the table dozens of
packets of crisps and two seats waiting to be filled by...

Our tasters! Miss Katty Blanch, veteran crisptaster and part-time pole dancer and
Mrs Marie-Claire Tovey EAT(dip) TASTE(hons), a chicken fancier
and all round good egg.

Onto the flavours: Builder's Breakfast, Cajun Squirrel, Chilli and Chocolate, Crispy Duck and Hoison, Fish and Chips and Onion Bhaji.

First to the lips was the Builder's Breakfast, a daring feat that is supposed to combine all the magical ingredients of that British institution - the full english - in one crisp. Cup of tea and fag optional.

KB: Hmmm. They have got a nice bacon flavour but that is overwhelmed by an eggy taste.

MCT: I would agree, to me they taste just like bacon flavoured crisps with an after
taste of egg - and that taste hangs around for way too long!

KB: Yes, Mrs Tovey, and maybe it is psychological, but I was sure some of the crisps tasted different to others, ie more tomatoey.

So, final score for Builder's Breakfast 4/10.

Now for the chilli and chocolate. Hmm. How would this one fare?

MCT: Tastes and looks a bit burnt - I couldn't taste
the chocolate but maybe that's just me and my current nasal state. We all have poor tasting days... Anyway they did have a nice chilli kick though but again the taste
hangs around for a little too long!

KB: Why? Who would be so weird as to come up with this flavour?? What was occurring to them? Oi!

MCT: Well, actually chocolate with chilli is quite nice...

KB: Hmm, well, this just smells of burnt vanilla-y chocolate. It's not an unpleasant burnt taste but it does have a weird aftertaste. Just wrong though, overall, in my opinion.

Oh dear, another 4/10 and Walkers seems to be letting itself down with the too much aftertaste.. No one likes to still be tasting crisps hours later do they?

Now for the Fish and Chips, a highly anticipated flavour.

KB: These are my favourite so far! They taste well lush, and that's a technical taster term, and I wouldn’t lie to your face.

MCT: I'm sorry I just can't do it... they smell terrible. I have heard lots of other people say they are awful so I can't subject my poor nasal passages to it really. Apologies!

(and she calls herself a TASTE and DIP!)

KB: Well I like them!! They are not as strong as scampi fries (mmmMMMmmmm scampi fries) but they do leave a distinctly fishy aroma on my fingers. Yum tastic though!

9/10 (from the taster who could be bothered!! ;) )

Now for the controversial Cajun Squirrel, could they live up to the hype?

MCT: No, not really! They taste a bit like barbecue... I am only eating one though (oh for god's sake!) as although they don't have squirrel in them there is something wrong about eating
'squirrel flavoured'..

KB: Well, I am a vegetarian and I have no such qualms, give them here!
Oh, I like the illustration on the packet – very funny. They have an impressive list of ingredients but did exclude said squirrel.

MCT: Thank the lord!

KB: However they are over herbed and spiced and something keeps catching the back of my throat which I suspect may be one of the squirrel’s nuts....

MCT: Hehehehehehe.

KB: In the end they look pretty, but more in the league of fancy crisps, and therefore, do not deliver.

6.5/10 bit disappointing after build up

Onion Bhaji anyone?

KB: For me, this is the most authentic flavoured crisp. But it just doesn't work in my mind because Onion bhajis are well nice and lush...

MCT: Yes, I know what you mean... It's very oniony, tasted like onion bhaji but now you mention it they also taste weird, like... cheese and onion.. yuck.

KB: Yes well... I think they taste real enough but there wasn’t the greasy follow through of loveliness why would you want to eat a crisp rather than the actual bhaji?!


Lastly, after a palate-cleansing sip of water, the Duck, and Miss Katty Blanch has the first taste..

KB: Nice. But could be nicer – quite a ‘meaty’ flavour but also tastes weirdly of marmite.

Mrs Tovey sadly had to decline the Duck crisps as had quite a heavy cold and felt she wouldn't be on top form.

KB: Shame. Quack Quack
5/10 for the Crispy Duck and Hoison.

So the winner is Fish and Chips, mainly because Mrs Tovey was unable to compete fully due to ill health. Get well soon!

All in all though the flavours seemed pretty disappointing and not as good as they could have been... Oh well! Whose for a packets of Mccoys?

Oh dear...

Was a bad bad girl over the weekend and had some pizza - a very forbidden food group!  But never mind I am back on track now and whilst I don't expect I will lost much weight this week hopefully I won't put much on! :)

Had a great weekend though!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost over a stone and a half!


Diet is still going well. It wasn't so good last week, I only lost 1.2lbs but I knew why that was; too many cheats and not enough exercise. I now know even more than I did before that it is so important to have as few carbs as possible. Otherwise it messes things up. Plus I had been going to the gym but using weights and not cardio - this can mean you put on weight! My counsellor said I should stick to cardio and if I really must do weights make them very light. 

Anyway this week I have done so much better and on my weigh in I had lost over 3lbs!  Which brings my total weight loss so far to over a stone and a half!  I am really pleased.

I have been to the gym four times this week as well :)  And I am doing a mixture of cross training, exercise bike, treadmill and very light weights. I am really enjoying it and I notice my stamina is increasing; I did 25 mins on the cross trainer this evening and felt fine. When I first started I found it A LOT harder (the first week I was at the gym after starting the CD the cross trainer kept pausing cos I was going so slowly ;) ).  I am still trying to keep my heart rate down to go for fat burn rather than full out cardio so hopefully this will help to acclerate my weight loss. 

I am aiming for another 3lbs loss next week. I was saying to my counsellor that even when I get down to 12 stone I will feel like I am just starting to lose weight as I put on weight when I was in hospital last year - before that I was about 12 stone, so even though I would have lost loads when I get to that weight it almost won't feel like it!  Makes sense or not?!

Anyway I am very much looking forward to getting under 12 stone as then I will be lighter than I have been for a long time and definitely a lot fitter with all this gym time.

That's my update for now!  We are going to Brighton for the weekend but I am going to stay strong and stick to the diet. I don't want to set myself back.

H x

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diet Update

Hi sorry again for lack of updates. Been so busy! Diet is still going well. I have had slips but currently losing about 3 pounds a week. I know if I stuck to it religiously I would lose more. So next week I am planning on doing so!

At my current rate of loss I can expect to be at my goal weight by June but really want to push harder at the gym so I get there a bit quicker than that. I am also realistic and know my weight loss won't be as steady as that.

Have fallen into a pattern of 'muffin' for brekkie at work, porridge if at home, main meal at lunch if I am going the gym and then bar before I go, mousse for dinner. Or if not going to the gym bar at lunch and main meal and mousse for dinner in the evening. Seems to work!  Am also aiming to go to the gym at least twice a week, ideally three. Although tonight it was shut due to frozen pipes which was rather annoying. I am definitely getting addicted to the weight machines and really miss it when I can't go. K reckons my loss is really noticeable now and I must admit I put on some trousers today that I haven't worn for a while and they were a lot looser. 

Am considering going hard core and going on sole source next week. I know how hard that will be though so we shall see!  Going out for dinner on friday night but I will just have chicken and veg as normal. 

So all in all things are good. Hope you enjoyed the snow yesterday! (not so much the ice today!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CD Day 8 - 18

Sorry for the lack of updates... been really busy. My second week on the diet was much harder and my one night of drinking really through me off. So I only lost 2.2 pounds that week. 

This week is going better and so far I have lost over 3 pounds. I am loving the atkins bars, so much so that I might get them instead of the CD ones, or at least a mixture of both so I don't get bored. Tonight I am going to try the mix a mousse using the shakes and powder for something different. My friend also showed me how to make a 'muffin' using the shake mix a little water and 40 seconds in the microwave. That was nice and a different texture to have!

So finding things ok, not getting too tired or hungry and this week I will be going to the gym at least 3 times. I am aiming to lose at least 4 pounds this week, although ideally I would like to lose 6. I have worked out if I can lose 4 pounds a week for 6 weeks I will have got very close to my target weight and if I lose 6 pounds a week for 6 weeks I will have achieved my target weight. I know that weight loss goes up and down though, so it won't be that easy. Hopefully going to the gym will help and tone me up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 6-7 of CD, 1st weigh-in!

Everything is going fine and today I had my first weigh-in! I have lost 8.8 pounds! Which is well over half a stone! I am really pleased and so is my counsellor :)

She said you can definitely notice it in my face and neck (weirdly!), and if I lost weight around my neck I should have lost it around my waist too. K is about to do my measurements so I will share them in a moment.

I also got my week's worth of food. I have done away with the soups and now have meal bars (just had the malt toffee one and it was LOVELY). I will be having a porridge (original or apple and cinnamon, I got a mixture) for brekkie once I get into work, then a bar at lunch and a dry mix shake when I get home. I think this will be much better as I will like what I am having more. I will still be having a 200cal meal in the evening.

Okay drum roll...! I have lost 3 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips! Hurrah! Weirdly I have put half an inch on each of my arms but I think that must be the weight training I have been doing at the gym.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Days 2-5 of CD, 7 pounds lost.

Sorry for the lack of updates!  The diet is going really well. I have lost half a stone already and this is only my sixth day!

I haven't found myself getting too hungry but then I am still having 'proper' food as part of the 200cal green and white meal in the evening. I am considering dropping that next week and seeing how much more weight I lose.

I am also going to discuss changing what I have to eat when I see my counsellor. I only like one or two of the soups, so I am thinking of dropping them and going for porridge for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a shake in the evening. Might try the mix a mousse too as it will be nice to have something to thicker to eat as well as the bar.

I have looked online and people say that the chocolate, peanut, chocolate orange and cranberry bars are nice but the other's aren't. I have also heard that you can replace the bars with the Atkins diet bars so I will see what my couns says if I don't like the CD bars.

I am also planning to cut out the ready made shakes as I can wait till I get home most nights. The shakes you make yourself are much nicer. So far I have tried the toffee and walnut (lovely) and the butterscotch (also nice).

I am excited about seeing my couns on Wednesday. K is taking all my measurements and I think I have already lost 2 inches around my waist so fingers crossed that shows on wed!

So all in all its going much better than I thought it would.  I am going to start back at the gym from tonight just for half an hour a night and take it easy at first. This should help me tone up and lose more weight so I don't have to be on the CD longer than I need to be. 

Already I can see my attitude to food is changing. I am not craving sweet foods, more meat and savoury things and I can really see how wrong I was going before (too large portions, snacking, no exercise, no self control, too little water and eating when not hungry).   Hopefully I will be able to stick to a new approach when I come off the diet.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Notes on CD

I am getting K to measure me and take a pic this evening so I can keep track of my (hopeful) weight loss.

I have also discovered that I don't like spicy tomato soup but I do like the chicken and mushroom.


Cambridge Diet 07/01 Day 1

So yesterday was my first day on the CD. It went pretty well a few teething problems such as using too much water in my porridge and boiling water in my soup  (not nice!) but I wasn't starving. The shake on the way to my friend's and the fact I could have a 200 cal meal in the evening helped.

I could have a type of protein and a couple of tbsps of veg. I choose quorn last night and I was allowed 200g which is four fillets!! I just had two and some broccoli.

I am also allowed black coffee with sweetener which is cool.

I am trying to drink 2 litres of water a day and so far its going ok too.

Onwards and upwards!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't write about food right now...

Yes I have loads of updates to add to the blog but won't be doing that for a little while as I am about to embark on a rather extreme diet!

Circumstances of last year have led me to weigh rather more than I did before and would like to so from tomorrow I will be following the Cambridge Diet and using this blog to track my progress.

It will still be focused on food but once on a diet of 615 calories a day I doubt I will want to write salivating reviews about lovely meals!

I will definitely start the blog up again in a few months time but for now stick with me if you would like to read my diet diary if not, see you when I'm back and hopefully thinner!

I'm meeting a friend tonight for a meal at Little Bay in Farringdon where I am planning to say farewell to nice food by eating mussels and pork!

From tomorrow I will be existing on a CD (Cambridge Diet) porridge, a CD soup, a CD shake and a 200 cal meal consisting of a small portion of protein and 2 tbsps of veg.

My CD counsellor lives very near to me and is lovely so that should help. Also a couple of close relatives (hi guys!) are doing the diet at the same time so I know I will have plenty of support.

Yours soon to be hungry


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