Monday, January 12, 2009

Days 2-5 of CD, 7 pounds lost.

Sorry for the lack of updates!  The diet is going really well. I have lost half a stone already and this is only my sixth day!

I haven't found myself getting too hungry but then I am still having 'proper' food as part of the 200cal green and white meal in the evening. I am considering dropping that next week and seeing how much more weight I lose.

I am also going to discuss changing what I have to eat when I see my counsellor. I only like one or two of the soups, so I am thinking of dropping them and going for porridge for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a shake in the evening. Might try the mix a mousse too as it will be nice to have something to thicker to eat as well as the bar.

I have looked online and people say that the chocolate, peanut, chocolate orange and cranberry bars are nice but the other's aren't. I have also heard that you can replace the bars with the Atkins diet bars so I will see what my couns says if I don't like the CD bars.

I am also planning to cut out the ready made shakes as I can wait till I get home most nights. The shakes you make yourself are much nicer. So far I have tried the toffee and walnut (lovely) and the butterscotch (also nice).

I am excited about seeing my couns on Wednesday. K is taking all my measurements and I think I have already lost 2 inches around my waist so fingers crossed that shows on wed!

So all in all its going much better than I thought it would.  I am going to start back at the gym from tonight just for half an hour a night and take it easy at first. This should help me tone up and lose more weight so I don't have to be on the CD longer than I need to be. 

Already I can see my attitude to food is changing. I am not craving sweet foods, more meat and savoury things and I can really see how wrong I was going before (too large portions, snacking, no exercise, no self control, too little water and eating when not hungry).   Hopefully I will be able to stick to a new approach when I come off the diet.


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Kat said...

Go girl!!
Love you xxx

and don't worry - Momma will clean you up!

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