Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Abokado: City Road, London.

My new favourite place to grab lunch when I don't bring it from home is Abokado. Think Itsu but cheaper and less fussy. They offer a selection of freshly-made sushi wraps and sets as well as hot noodle dishes. Wraps are great value at less than £2.00 and the sets (which include my pick of salmon sashimi and cover veggie, beef and chicken too) average at £4. Noodle dishes are also reasonably priced.

The best thing about this place is the quality of the ingredients and consequently the taste - you will never go back to supermarket sushi again! Plus you get a free dressing with each sushi set.

I don't know of any other branches myself (this one is a few minutes from old street tube) but If they don't exist yet they soon will. After all, It's gone from being practically empty at lunch when it first opened to having queues almost out the door. Just be careful if you eat in as you have to pay extra (hate that).

e-bar review is up!


My e-bar review is now up at Dine-Online.co.uk/foodie!

In other news: I was made a lovely meal last night. Veggie cottage pie (with quorn mince), with mustard mash, a cheesy topping and mini corn on the cob (I will see if I can get the recipe from her!). Bless my gf she's quite excited that I can eat normal food again and has thought 'sod it' to low-fat dishes... I had a small portion, but it was delish!

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