Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost over a stone and a half!


Diet is still going well. It wasn't so good last week, I only lost 1.2lbs but I knew why that was; too many cheats and not enough exercise. I now know even more than I did before that it is so important to have as few carbs as possible. Otherwise it messes things up. Plus I had been going to the gym but using weights and not cardio - this can mean you put on weight! My counsellor said I should stick to cardio and if I really must do weights make them very light. 

Anyway this week I have done so much better and on my weigh in I had lost over 3lbs!  Which brings my total weight loss so far to over a stone and a half!  I am really pleased.

I have been to the gym four times this week as well :)  And I am doing a mixture of cross training, exercise bike, treadmill and very light weights. I am really enjoying it and I notice my stamina is increasing; I did 25 mins on the cross trainer this evening and felt fine. When I first started I found it A LOT harder (the first week I was at the gym after starting the CD the cross trainer kept pausing cos I was going so slowly ;) ).  I am still trying to keep my heart rate down to go for fat burn rather than full out cardio so hopefully this will help to acclerate my weight loss. 

I am aiming for another 3lbs loss next week. I was saying to my counsellor that even when I get down to 12 stone I will feel like I am just starting to lose weight as I put on weight when I was in hospital last year - before that I was about 12 stone, so even though I would have lost loads when I get to that weight it almost won't feel like it!  Makes sense or not?!

Anyway I am very much looking forward to getting under 12 stone as then I will be lighter than I have been for a long time and definitely a lot fitter with all this gym time.

That's my update for now!  We are going to Brighton for the weekend but I am going to stay strong and stick to the diet. I don't want to set myself back.

H x

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