Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diet Update

Hi sorry again for lack of updates. Been so busy! Diet is still going well. I have had slips but currently losing about 3 pounds a week. I know if I stuck to it religiously I would lose more. So next week I am planning on doing so!

At my current rate of loss I can expect to be at my goal weight by June but really want to push harder at the gym so I get there a bit quicker than that. I am also realistic and know my weight loss won't be as steady as that.

Have fallen into a pattern of 'muffin' for brekkie at work, porridge if at home, main meal at lunch if I am going the gym and then bar before I go, mousse for dinner. Or if not going to the gym bar at lunch and main meal and mousse for dinner in the evening. Seems to work!  Am also aiming to go to the gym at least twice a week, ideally three. Although tonight it was shut due to frozen pipes which was rather annoying. I am definitely getting addicted to the weight machines and really miss it when I can't go. K reckons my loss is really noticeable now and I must admit I put on some trousers today that I haven't worn for a while and they were a lot looser. 

Am considering going hard core and going on sole source next week. I know how hard that will be though so we shall see!  Going out for dinner on friday night but I will just have chicken and veg as normal. 

So all in all things are good. Hope you enjoyed the snow yesterday! (not so much the ice today!)

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