Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A trip to the Farmer's Market/Roasts at The Railway, Blackheath.

The Railway
16 Blackheath Village
Tel: 0871-223-8295

On the Sunday we decided to visit the Farmer's Market in Blackheath. Although not a very large market there was plenty of top quality produce about and some things had been reduced as the market finishes at 2pm. 

We bought some a lovely organic unpasteurised Caerphilly cheese, and a log of black pepper rolled goat's cheese. From one of the bakers we purchased a lovely Olive foccacia (only 1.50!), and a pizza blanco from another (pizza bread with rosemary, salt and garlic topping). Other treats included fresh sweetcorn, beetroot chutneys, orange tomatoes and organic apple juice. Even better were the free samples that we took full advantage of. But for me the best buy of the morning was the very fine ribeye steak I bought from the butcher. It was fairly thick and an encouraging dark red, with a proper marbling of fat. I have recently discovered that ribeye seems to be the most flavoursome of cuts and at only 2.70 I couldn't say no. The Language Whizz and EMI guy joined in buying the last two ribeyes the stallholder had.

After the market we walked to the nearby 'Railway' pub, a trendy local with lots of dark wood, interesting beers and a good reputation when it came to food. Being there on a Sunday we had to have the roast dinner. The three of us ordered the roast beef whilst the Veggie had the option of some sort of pumpkin and pastry tart with the full selection of veg. 

The roasts were around the 9 pound mark each but from the look of the happy punters around us they appeared to be worth it. 

After a short wait we were presented with our roast dinner platters. Although they hadn't been very generous with the beef, just two medium sized slices each, the meal was well-cooked and interesting to eat. There were good roast potatoes, green beans, cauliflower cheese, carrots and peas. The Veggie also enjoyed hers, and she even had special vegetarian roast potatoes so us carnovories could enjoy meat fat ones!  

We were all tempted by the home-cooked desserts menu, but in the end decided that as we had leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts back at the house we could afford it skip a pudding here. 

The pub also has a separate outside smoking area and serves good beers such as Leffe and Staropramen. 

I would definitely go back to the Railway if I was in the area, its family-friendly but also retains a level of comfortable cool. It does get extremely busy though so be prepared to scout for a table.

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