Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 6-7 of CD, 1st weigh-in!

Everything is going fine and today I had my first weigh-in! I have lost 8.8 pounds! Which is well over half a stone! I am really pleased and so is my counsellor :)

She said you can definitely notice it in my face and neck (weirdly!), and if I lost weight around my neck I should have lost it around my waist too. K is about to do my measurements so I will share them in a moment.

I also got my week's worth of food. I have done away with the soups and now have meal bars (just had the malt toffee one and it was LOVELY). I will be having a porridge (original or apple and cinnamon, I got a mixture) for brekkie once I get into work, then a bar at lunch and a dry mix shake when I get home. I think this will be much better as I will like what I am having more. I will still be having a 200cal meal in the evening.

Okay drum roll...! I have lost 3 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips! Hurrah! Weirdly I have put half an inch on each of my arms but I think that must be the weight training I have been doing at the gym.


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