Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The perfect vegetarian chilli

As we are going camping in a couple of weeks time I am currently looking for the perfect vegetarian chili recipe. The Veggie and I are planning on getting to the site first and thought it would be a nice idea to have a meal ready for everyone else as they arrive. Chilli seemed like a good bet as it would reheat easily, is all in one pan and can be eaten with nachos, soured cream and cheese, all of which we could bring with us. Luckily are campsite has a fridge available too, so it would all be nice and cool.

These are the recipes I am considering at the moment (see below) but I would be grateful to receive any family recipes or favourite recipes. I really want this chilli to be memorable, but not too hot. It also needs to serve 8 hungry people.

UKTV Food Veggie chilli by James Tanner

Quite standard and looks easy to make but nothing special stands out.

Harrods Creeks Fire Dept Veggie chilli

I'm not sure what 'garbanzo beans' are and I don't like the idea of Bulgur wheat in the chilli but it is certainly a bit different!

BBC food Veggie chilli tacos by Simon Rimmer

I like the sound of this one has cocoa powder in and lots of different kinds of beans.

Veggie Chilli with quorn by Mostly Eating

This is my fave at the moment as it looks interesting and the pic looks great. Also nice that it already makes enough for 8 people (lazy old me doesn't have to change the quantities).

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