Monday, August 11, 2008

Bubble Kitschen (Brighton part 2)

Bubble Kitschen
Kensington Gardens,

07982 660696

We needed fuel for our shopping (buying bikinis when its tipping it down is no laughing business) so headed to Kensington Gardens where many of the areas little cafes reside. The place was bustling with prams, couples and umbrellas. Finally we managed to cut through the pedestrian traffic and secure a table at 'Bubble Kitschen'. This family run mainly organic establishment was tiny inside with the small open-plan kitchen visible from the counter. Whilst I found the name a bit twee the menu looked good and was reasonably priced. Apparently the premises had changed hands and names a fair bit over the years but the husband and wife team of Miles and Lisa Heathfield seem settled here.

As you have to order from the counter we spent a few minutes deciding before sending the Veggie up to order and pay. I chose a 'Bubbles Blueberry' which was a smoothie of blueberry, yogurt, honey and banana, not bad at 2.75p. The other drinks were tea, a cappuccino and a coke, also not bad prices.

The Veggie, the Blonde and her boyfriend, the Aussie opted for the full English and the Veggie breakfast option. I decided to go for the lighter omelette with cheese and tomato which came with 2 slices of organic bread. We waited about 10-15 minutes for our food, well the others did... The very large plates of organic sausages, bacon, toast, tomato, egg, bubble and squeak (which let the other ingredients down as it looked rather artificial in its little block shape and seemed only to consist of potato) arrived but no omelette. I waited 5 minutes. Nothing. I waited 5 more. Eventually I went to the counter and said what I was waiting for. Apparently they had forgotten my order. This was a little annoying as one would have imagined that when 3 people are eating lunch the 4th normally is too... but anyway, it didn't take long to arrive and was to their credit a very good omelette. Cheesy and well-cooked it didn't take me long to polish it off although my companions had to watch me as they had already finished their dishes. The organic bread was also nice, but I'm not sure if the others noticed that their food was organic or not. I do know that the Blonde's sausage looked rather pink and she left it as it didn't seem cooked through. I would have complained but she didn't appear too bothered.

Our meals came to around 28 pounds. I felt that my omelette, plain 2.75p, 50p each for extras such as my cheese and tomato was a bit overpriced as it would have come in at 3.75p when full breakfasts were better value at 5.95p. Still it was a nice cosy place to have lunch. I think if I was to go back to that North Laines area I would try another cafe first before going back to 'Bubble Kitschen'.

Scores on the Doors: 6 out of 10


Anonymous said...

The egg was over done too - either cooked to early for the other ingrediants or had been, as I suspect, cooked a long time ago!!

It's true, the Blonde didn't mind her pink sausage.

Anonymous said...

I love this website! Keep on coming with the reviews :)

Helen said...


Check out my recipe book picks...