Monday, July 21, 2008

A trip to the Dogs, with burger and chips

Harlow Dogs

I embark on this review hoping that it might be the first time such an establishment has had a review of its food published. But what do I know? It could have been covered many times, with retired greyhounds firmly off the menu, what other delights were there on offer?

I truly believe that food does tastes better in certain environments and this place was the perfect example. I arrived with 20 English and left with 14, which I felt was pretty darn impressive for my first visit. Soon, the excitement of placing a bet, combined with the aromas of stale smoke, beer and sweat had us all ravenous. As it was my first trip to the track I was rather wary of the curse of the burger, but as it turned out there was nothing to worry about. As the classic line in Pulp Fiction states: 'My, my, this is a tasty burger,' the Harlow version fulfilled; not a bit of gristle in sight and several evolutionary steps up from a McDonald's, my cheeseburger was good. I was reliably informed that the Veggie burger was also of a high standard. The burgers, surrounded by fresh and crisp chips was about 2.50. It was win:win, especially when washed down by a few pints of Stella. I'll be back.

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