Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Girl Who Ate Everything - a review

A well-known food blog by Robyn Lee. Robyn also writes for Serious Eats

If you like food I guarantee you will love 'The Girl Who Ate Everything'. Robyn Lee reviews experiences more than restaurants, her style is witty and engaging whether she is reviewing a meal at a Paris eatery or a dish made by friends. The site is extremely well designed and easy to read. It's worth visiting just to drool over the most mouthwatering photos of food I've ever seen. I'm not joking, they are amazing, and are bound to make you crave whatever she blogs about!

Robyn eats out. A LOT. I wish I ate out as much as she does, but knowing how my inner greedy monster sometimes gets out of control I'd probably be like that woman in 'What's eating Gilbert Grape?'. If you haven't seen the film, suffice to say the character needs to be fork lifted out of her home.

She also travels a fair bit, meeting up with her online friends and trying out local cuisines. She has certain food that she just adores, such as Pistachio gelato, and goes through phases such as her 'sandwich phase.' It's all very entertaining and all too easy to lose track of time perusing photos of pulled pork and the like. She also shows a rock steady commitment to blogging that I admire. Robyn is an example of what hard work can achieve - yes she majored in Food Studies but that is no guarantee of an enjoyable job, not without putting in the extra graft anyway. I'm sure her blog played a significant part in her landing an internship at 'Serious Eats'. Seeing her potential they gave her a job, which she describes as 'the best in the world.' I certainly wouldn't disagree with her!

Whist Robyn is one of a kind she also recommends a selection of other food blogs, such as 'Slice' (also part of the 'Serious Eats' group and perfect for pizza lovers), 'The Hungry Cabbie', and 'The Amateur Gourmet'. What makes her site unique is the amount of interactivity with her readers: there's a map tracking where her readers live; a forum; a facebook group and links to her 'eating companions.'

I would recommend studying this site if you are thinking of setting up your own food blog. It has definitely been an inspiration to me.

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