Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abeno Too again!

We ended up at Abeno Too for dinner last friday before a late showing of Mamma Mia in Leicester Square. It was a slightly rushed experience because we had to wait for space around the counter.
I think I have found my perfect Okonomiyaki: pork, squid and prawn otherwise known as the snappily titled 'Tokyo Mix' - delicious.

Once again I was soooo tempted by the desserts but we just didn't have time. I really want to try the
'Yokohama Sundae'; coffee jelly with coffee ice-cream, cinnamon ice-cream and more!

Abeno is one of my top places to eat out in the city. If you haven't been you really should try it. Don't be put off by thinking a Japanese omelette sounds weird, it really isn't and you don't have to have the toppings (such as mayo, brown sauce and fish flakes) if you don't want them. Plus there are lots of other dishes too, so even if you don't like omelettes you should go!

When you aren't rushed it is so nice just to relax with a plum wine squash and watch the friendly staff create the mini masterpieces in front of you. This time round we were with our friend, the language whizz, who was an Abeno virgin. She really seemed to enjoy herself and it made a lovely evening even better.

The good news is they are opening a new branch in October in the NW3 area, called Abeno San.

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