Friday, August 1, 2008

A very British BBQ

Last weekend the Veggie and I were invited to deepest Essex for a summer BBQ feast.  Asked to bring dessert I had a crack at making a strawberry and peach pavlova - a Mary Berry recipe. It turned out okay although would have been better with whipping cream instead of the spray cream I had to hand. I was pretty pleased with my meringues though -  the trick is to add the sugar very gradually and add cornflour and white wine vinegar. For the first time I had total confidence in holding the bowl over my head!

We packed an overnight bag and stopped to pick up some drinks on the way; corona extra, bulmers and a bottle of wine. 

The heat of the day was still lingering when we arrived at our destination. Everything had been prepared earlier so we kicked off proceedings with a nice cool drink. Our hosts had been to Brussels the day before so I was treated to a lovely cherry beer, one of my favourites. 

Soon the BBQ was lit, and chilled-out music filled the air as we made small talk around the table. 

Soon starters were ready: mouthwatering mozzarella wrapped in parma ham and salad for the Veggie. Also on offer was their much-loved pasta, with its dressing of mayo, black pepper and chilli (always delicious) and a tomato and onion salad.

A jug of our classic summer drink, Pimms, arrived on the table. Total refreshment and a good foil to the richness of the starter.

The rest of the meal was just as tempting. The meat-eaters had succulent chicken kebabs and proper beefburgers, both cooked to perfection on the gas BBQ.  The Veggie had stuffed mushrooms, filled with feta cheese and herbs and veg kebabs. There were also soft and buttery onions and salty olives. 

We were on to our second jug of iced Pimms, with strawberries, apple and clementine segments floating around in the tea-coloured drink, as the sun slowly set on the horizon.  

Later showers meant we had to dash indoors and finish the evening there. A wonderful time was had by all, simple and gorgeous dishes, booze flowing and entertaining chatter. A truly British BBQ!



MC said...

Yes, I've heard this place is nice!

mc said...

Yes I've heard it's very nice here!

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